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    Q: Does Hollywood, South Florida Pines Auto Repair accept extended warranty?
    A: Yes! We will accept all extended warranty plans you already have. Our Loyalty Card offers a waived deductible on you existing warranty coverage.

    Q: What kind of warranty do I get when I repair my car?

    A: We give a 12-thousand mile, or one-year warranty on all repairs done at Hollywood, Florida auto repair, whatever one comes first.

    Q: Does Pines Auto Lexus repair have a loaner?

    A: Yes! We can get you a FREE RENTAL as a loyalty cardmember. You can purchase and activate your card online and is effective immediately.

    Q: Do I need an appointment?
    A: Pines Auto Repair covers all of Ft. Lauderdale, Davie, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines and greater Broward County. We advise our clients to always make an appointment before bringing in your vehicle for repair. If you want your car to be repaired in the same day, we recommend you bring your car in as early as you can.

    Q: When is the best time I should bring my car in for repair?
    A: 8:00 AM would be perfect for you to bring your car to us. Of course you can bring your automobile to us earlier, just leave it near our office, put keys in envelope with your name and phone number and drop this envelope in the mail box in the slot of the door.

    Q: Can Pines Auto tow my car?
    A: Yes! Our location in Hollywood, Florida for Mercedes Benz auto repair can tow your car on your behalf. We offer FREE towing for any repair within Broward County for our loyalty cardholders.

    Q: What kind of parts will Pines Auto repair install in my car during repair?

    A: Ft. Lauderdale auto repair shop installs only original manufactures equipment, also known as OEM parts. We do not use any aftermarket, rebulit, or used parts for repairs unless our clients specifically request them. We specialize in Mercedes Benz and Lexus auto repair, and pride ourselves on the quality of service and parts we use for our repairs.

    Q: What is Pines Auto repair labor hourly rate?

    A: Hollywood, Florida Lexus auto repair charges $85/hour using "Mitchell on Demand" to determine the most current and accurate labor rates.

    Q: How much do you charge for a diagnostic?

    A: If you authorize us to perform the repair, we charge ZERO for vehicle diagnosis at our Mercedes Benz repair shop. If you elect not to have the repair done at Pines Auto, a fee of $80 will be assessed by Pines Auto repair. However, with the purchase of a Loyalty Card, you have unlimited FREE estimates.

    Q: What's wrong with my car?

    A: Most clients of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Lexus and Mercedes Benz auto repair center hope that our expert can understand what's wrong with their car and solve the problem immediately over the phone. Because of today's cars are fitted with modern technology, there are many reasons why a car won't start or run. In order to answer make the right diagnosis, we have to diagnose your car with our most effective equipment like STAR Diagnostic for Mercedes Benz and other tools and explain the customer the exact cost of repair that's needed to be done.

    Q: How long will I have to wait for my car to be repaired?

    A: Some repairs can be done within a few hours. Some repairs may last longer. It hangs upon on the type of repair and parts accessibility. Most cars that are diagnosed in the morning return to their owners the same day.

    Q: How do I pay when my repair is complete?

    A: Our Broward county auto repair center accepts Visa, MasterCard, checks and cash. Also we accept all debit cards. Sorry, first time customers we don't accept checks. We can process your credit card order over the phone, for your convenience if you want to pick up your car after closing hours. All cars must be paid for in 72 hours to avoid storage fees.

    Q: Can I wait on my car to be repaired?
    A: Yes. At Lexus and Mercedes Auto Repair in Ft. Lauderdale, you will find a comfortable waiting room for clients who wish to wait until the repair process is completed. Before we begin a repair, our clients are made aware of the time needed to complete. Oil changes take 20 minutes.